How we got started:
It was April 1998 when five women approached Joan Wulff for permission to use her name for the formation of a women’s fly fishing club.  They were Carolyn Zadoyko, Marina Sayem el Daher, Lorraine Bistritz, Lisa Priadka and Caroling Bednarczy.  The rest is history! The Joan Wulff Fly Fishers Club has been going strong for 20+ years.

A little bit about Joan Wulff:
Joan is a pioneer in fly casting.  Truly the First Lady of the sport.  She was born into a fishing family.  For many years her family owned and operated Paterson Rod & Gun store in Paterson, NJ.   Joan entered the all-male world of competitive fly casting and quickly made a name for herself.   Her accomplishments include winning the National Fisherman’s distance Casting event against an all male filed (1951) and the longest cast in a registered tournament of 161 feet (1960).  Over the years she achieved great success by winning an international title and seventeen national championships.  Her expertise on the fly casting circuit lead to her entry into teaching.  Joan’s books and videos on fly casting techniques introduced a new vocabulary to her students and to fly anglers everywhere.  Along with her husband, the late Lee Wulff, Joan started the Wulff School of Fly Fishing, Lew Beach. NY, which offers the finest instruction available to those entering the sport. 

Joan Wulff Fly Fishers